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Our Donut Flavors

Dark Chocolate

Made with Premium Cacao and Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate

Very Blueberry

Made with Whole Blueberries and Natural Blueberry Extract

Cinnamon Roll

Made with Premium Vietnamese Cinnamon, Oat Chocolate

Vanilla Bean

Made with Madagascar Vanilla and Vegan Oat White Chocolate

Toffee Caramel (Seasonal)

Made with Coffee + Caramel Oil, Cacao and Vegan Oat Chocolate

Red Velvet Cake (Seasonal)

Premium Vanilla and Cacao with Oat Chocolate Glaze

Planet Bake EGift Card
Planet Bake EGift Card

Planet Bake EGift Card

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A Planet Bake eGift card is a perfect, convenient gift for the person who prefers to choose for themself. Plus, this gift is never late! All you need is the recipient's name and email address and they'll receive this special gift via email, instantly. The best part? eGift Cards are redeemable online.

Please note, this is not a physical gift card.

eGift Cards are valid only in the United States.