New and Trendy Vegan Restaurants to Explore in NYC

New and Trendy Vegan Restaurants to Explore in NYC

Who doesn't love food, we for sure do! Let's look back and see what trendy new vegan restaurants have popped up over the last few weeks in NYC, shall we? 

➊ Bodhi Kosher has been around for a bit but this is something we didn't know that there is this vegan kosher Chinese restaurant amongst us. Vegan interpretations of classic Chinese dishes are featured at this kosher joint with a warm vibe. Learn more about their menu here


➋ Vegan on the Fly - in the mood for vegan Gyro Sandwiches, Platters, Salads, Bowls and more than fly by Vegan on the fly and try their foods. Hop on over to their website 

➌ Beatnic - with 3 locations in Manhattan, I can’t believe I haven't seen this restaurant before. Visit to see their locations as well as the one in Williamsburg.




➍ Planta Queen located in the Flatiron district this restaurant combines vegan with asian dumplings and small plates. See more about them here

 Palanta Queen

➎ Veggie Grill - With the best vegan comfort food. Learn more about their full menu on their website:


Willow - kosher-certified vegan restaurant in Chelsea, NYC! Helmed by chef Guy Vaknin, we are a cozy vegan bistro offering an innovative twist on classic American food. We elevate traditional bistro comfort dishes with high quality plant-based ingredients and upscale presentation.


➐ Al Vegano - In the mood for Vegan Mexican Fast Food??? Check out this new place besides JAJAJA. Link to website here:

➑ UT47- vegan breakfast items and coffee - must try for the mornings located in Midtown West - visit their website for more



➒ Pure Ktchen - Vegan Bowls, Salads, Burgers, Sandwiches and Cakes located in the center of Manhattan Time Square on 9th Ave. For more info go to


➓ Tamam - a fully vegan falafel shop, Yes, it is here! Located on the UES 77th street and Lexington Ave. Visit for more.


➊➊ Plantjunkie - Vegan dishes for everyone. With 2 locations one at Union Square and one in the Financial District. View their full menu here



Coletta - 365 3rd Ave. Manhattan. Newly vegan restaurant opened Valentines Day 2022!  We highly recommend trying their mushroom calamari, pizzas on the menu, seitan steak and desserts. Learn more about it here.



➊➌ NEW IN TOWN: Anixi A Greek Fine Dining Experiences that we personally love.

News: Candle is coming back to NYC soon with a new concept restaurant, announced by VegNews

Many more coming soon that we have not tried yet incl. vegan tasting menus. 

Have fun exploring these new vegan NYC spots. 

xoxo PB