Plant-Based Food and how it Affects the Body

Plant-Based Food and how it Affects the Body

Plant Based Food Planning

It is easy to fall into bad eating habits when there are tons of processed foods that tend to be of the non-vegan variety. By taking the time to meal plan you are able to easily grab dinner without eating things you shouldn’t.  

Variety Eating n a vegan diet

One of the hardest things is to know which foods to eat, where to find it, and getting creative with snacking. Vegan apps are available to offer meal plans, can help you break down cans, and easily transition to a vegan lifestyle.

You should develop a routine;

Read All The Labels

Read everything! Most brands are sneaky and add things that you never would think in food. The best way to stay on top is to make sure you read everything before you buy. 


Take A Multivitamin

It can be hard to get all types of nutrients no matter what your diet is. You need your omega 3’s and iron. To stay on top of your health take a multivitamin. 


Focus On Pragmatism Over Purity

No one is perfect. Veganism isn’t about purity; it’s about living our lives in a way that avoids exploiting or harming animals and takes a stand for a kinder world.

Plant Based Food Planning

Find Out Vegan Restaurant Options Near You

No one likes to eat all the time. So go out! A different diet doesn’t mean you can’t go out and enjoy your favorite foods like Indian or Chinese. A few moments of googling and a world of Covid safe take out will save you from cooking for yourself.


The goal is to Eat Variety; Nothing is more boring and disheartening than eating the same 5 meals every week. Save yourself from a life of boring food and get creative in your cooking.

Affects on the Body

Vegan diets have gained massive popularity over the last two decades. With negligible information about veganism in the early 2000s to famous restaurants hosting vegan menus in 2020, veganism has come along way, and rightfully so. Vegan diets are great health enhancers in a multitude of ways. But first, let us understand what veganism is.

vegan affect on the body

Veganism Does Help Your Body!

Are the rumours true? Does veganism do wonderful things to your body? The answer might be a mixed bag of ‘yeses’ & ‘nos’. But the advantages certainly outweigh the disadvantages when going vegan, and that is incentive enough for you to convert if you have already begun thinking about it.


1. It clears your skin out

After three to six months of a vegan diet, a vast majority of people have reported finding that the increase in their consumption of vegetables and fruits caused their skin to clear out. They observed lesser acne and breakouts on their faces. This is heavily due to the decrease in the intake of processed foods potent with salt and sugar. Veganism also increases your intake of natural water through fruits which root for glowing and clear skin. 

clears skin and make it glow

2. Shift in your bowel movements

The increase of fibre in your diet due to more intake of vegetables, fruits, and pulses causes your bowel movements to be more regular and healthy. If you feel bloated within a few weeks of starting this diet, worry not. It is completely normal.

 green salad plate

3. You’ll feel an energy surge

The increase in micro nutrients, minerals and vitamins from consuming higher amounts of nuts, fruits and vegetables cause a surge of energy within your body. No processed meat and dairy help you be more active and kicking. 


4. Weight-loss is your gain

Dairy products and packed, processed foods are notoriously known to slowdown weight loss. However, vegan diets help you eliminate both of these problems in one go, allowing a faster weight loss. Additionally, your snack options go down considerably when you go on a vegan diet, and the choices you do have are healthy yet filling. This only helps you fulfill your dream for weight loss faster.

weight loss

5. Many health benefits

Vegan diets help bring down your cholesterol level, which reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, one of the most common health problems people deal with worldwide. 

According to a major study as quoted by BBC, going vegan also reduces the risk of heart diseases. The increase in your consumption of plant-based products gives your body fewer sources of saturated fats and processed sugar and salt. The risk of cancer is shown to be 15% less when one turns to veganism. The intake of bioactive compounds—phytochemicals help in fighting cancer. 

6. It’s an environment-friendly diet

Veganism isn’t just about you; it is about the environment too. It is a lifestyle change as it brings you closer to conscious living and understanding how your daily choices about something as small as the use of a plastic hairbrush can affect the environment. It helps you equip yourself with options to make considerable efforts in saving the environment.