Positive Changes That Happen By Eating Vegan

Positive Changes That Happen By Eating Vegan

On a plant-based diet and don't know what to expect? We are highlighting some of the most changes you will be experiencing eating vegan.

Your bodyweight will probably change

“Plant sources of protein tend to be lower in calories than meat, so many new vegans find they lose weight. With a dramatic change to their eating habits, and so many exciting new foods to try, some new vegans find they gain weight too.”

You will feel more hungry

“In the first few weeks, as your body becomes accustomed to a new diet, you might find it hard to satisfy your hunger gremlins. Make sure you replace meat and dairy with equivalent amounts of plant-based protein like beans and soya. Having plenty of snacks at hand is helpful too, but try not to eat too many sugary sweets or junk food.” 

More pooping and more farthing is involved at first

“I know this one’s a bit gross, but it comes with the territory. You’re probably eating a lot more fibre now, and that means more gas and more trips to the toilet. Some people love that they become more regular, while for others it’s a bit uncomfortable. This will settle down as your body adapts to your new diet.” 

Your skin will start to glow

“Many new vegans see improvements to their complexion, though there’s little conclusive evidence as to exactly why. Some studies have indicated that eating dairy can raise certain hormone levels which are linked to acne. It could be that antioxidants in fruit and veg are good for your skin too.”

Glow skin

Remember, these are just the most common examples. Everyone is different, and you may experience other changes altogether.


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