Vegan Education: Cows and Dairy

Vegan Education: Cows and Dairy

Why many people choose to go vegan? More and more every day and there is a good reason for it. 

How do we get milk? It may seem like a simple question, but I ate cheese, milk and other dairy products for 30 years before I turned vegan, and like many people, I was unaware of how the dairy industry worked.

There was one fact I was very surprised to learn, though in hindsight it seems obvious: in order to produce milk, a cow must give birth. Just like our mothers, cows produce milk to feed their babies. The only way for humans to consume that milk – whether it’s from a carton or turned into cheese – is to take it away from calves.

See here how the life of a cow looks like on a fairy farm:


life of a cow


Forced separation can be incredibly traumatic for both mother and baby. Sometimes they will call out for one another for days.

Cows can be seen pacing back and forth, searching for a way to be reunited with their young. This video isn't gory, but you might find it upsetting: it shows a cow chasing after her baby who is being taken away.

But it not only stops here, it goes far beyond this point turning into horrible cruelty on cows.

 If you have some time we urge you to watch this movie COWSPIRACY on Netflix